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Why is extreme travel becoming the new travel trend?

Fabio Bonavita published an article in the French magazine Bilan, entitled “Without comfort and cut off from the world, the radical luxury of adventurers“.


WONDARE, was founded on these principles and trends, and added a layer of the sharing economy by renting highly technical equipment to contain what is often a large share of any expeditions budget.

We share our experience of the last decade.

As the article explains, the need for isolation is not new. We see from year to year, this desire to leave and to reconnect with oneself growing stronger. Why?


Because we are intrinsically linked to our civilization. What we call “civilization” is the need to work, increase ou purchasing power, and our connection to the digital world. There is a growing need to cut ourselves off from the world and accomplish something. Whether it is a “public” achievement or a personal accomplishment.

We also notice that for some, putting aside the world as we know it, helps self-development and is often a quest for inner strength. Are we who live daily in comfort, able to surpass ourselves and survive during such adventures?

According to Gianni Haver and Denis Hauw, both university professors, the growing phenomenon and popularity of extreme travel comes from shows on the numerous syndicated outdoors and adventure channels or Red Bull- style sponsored events as well as adventure bloggers on Youtube and Instagram, sharing their adventures on social networks. These influencers kindle the dreams and desires of their followers.


Year after year WONDARE has observed this yearning for the extreme and COVID-19 was the most recent general “reset” for many.


Today, more and more young people travel to distant places, without necessarily looking for sporting achievements. Discovering Australia, road trips across the Americas or treks in Asian countries are very popular. The older and more affluent age groups seek a sporting challenge. Some conquer alpine peaks, others seek the adrenaline and bragging rights of the Himalayas, the 7 Summits or polar treks, to accomplish something that will give them purpose. Corporations do not escape this trend. More and more companies organize boot-camps, survival camps and seminars for their employees to build stronger professional binds and motivation through experiences in extreme or foreign environments. Pushing the limits outside the comfort zone.


Nietzsche once said:

An hour climbing the mountains will turn a rascal and a saint into similar creatures. Fatigue is the shortest way to equality, to fraternity. And during sleep, freedom is added“.


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