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For a concert at the Centre Pompidou in Metz (France), Wondare Conception provided the beds on which you lay down, rocked by the sounds of the night.

The Centre Pompidou in Metz is currently focused on the artistic representation of the night. For its fifth nocturnal performance, which will take place on Thrusday, March 7, a concert was organised by Stéphane Garin with the collaboration of several artists, whose work was to recreate, through sounds, nocturnal atmospheres that were all different from each other.

In order to offer the most unusual experience to spectators, the Centre Pompidou called on Wondare Conception to provide camp beds, with the aim of visitors could lie down while listening to the music.

Want to try the next nocturnal in Metz? Meet us here: https://www.centrepompidou-metz.fr/Nocturnes

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WONDARE caters to customers through its two professional brands.

WONDARE-CONCEPTION is the leader in services, technical advice and logistics for the filming and event industries in outdoors or extreme environments.

WONDARE-EXPEDITION is the European leader in rental and sale of expedition and high-altitude equipment to individuals. It is the exclusive equipment provider to several global adventure travel agents.

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